The Other Half Of The Internet’s Worst Nerd Comment

This is such a good point. Creativity doesn’t have limits, except like, don’t kill people to make your thing. That’s kinda just a given though. I’m not even a nerd, or a cosplayer, but holy crap, people shouldn’t be putting up with so much crap because they choose to play around with the idea of the character and do great things with it.

Luke Writes What You Read

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one is worth every hateful internet comment ever written. Which adds up to less than a thousand real words, obviously, but is still an impressive feat of online image compression.


An idiot posted that a while ago, and was immediately obliterated by the entire comics internet. But they only exposed half of his idiocy. The obvious imbecility is that the brilliant Dayna Scodras there isn’t a gender-swapped steampunk Joker with a Willy Wonka hat. She’s Duela Dent, established DC character and printed proof that this asshole is trying to keep a woman out of comics that she knows better than him.

The second half of the problem is that even if that hadn’t been Duela Dent, he’d still be wrong. There’s no such thing as “trying too hard” at the act of creation. That’s an insult used by the lazy to…

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