I want to go to Hungary!


I asked my mum about why I’m not a Hungarian passport holder when I technically fit all the requirements (her dad being a Hungarian citizen born before 1920), and she went and did a little research on it. Turns out we should both be able to get one if we can pass a language proficiency test in Hungarian – easy, except…neither of us know any Hungarian. (Well, I can count to 29, but I doubt that’s going to be super-helpful.)

HOWEVER we can both enroll in an intensive 4-week language course in Budapest, 4 hours of private lessons a day, and with a reasonable price tag, if we can get cheap airfares. I am completely enamoured with the idea, Mum was a little surprised how much so. But it just sounded so wonderful! Four hours of learning language, ok, maybe not the most fun, but I love language enough that it would be interesting. And in between? We’d be living in an amazing European city with such a rich history, surrounded by culture and life and beauty and other awesome stuff like that.

Reading over the site, it occurred to me that I’d probably be one of the younger students there, and I said as much. I have to say though, I don’t think it would worry me too much. I don’t mind spending time with people a little older than myself, it’s fun, actually. I mean, really, it depends on the people, doesn’t it? So some 20 year olds I get on better with than some 15 year olds. Even though I, too, am 15.

Ahh. It sounds fantastic to me. I want to go right now, I want to be in Europe this very moment – and not just that, I want to be living a sophisticated life.

Hmmm. Methinks I’ll write another post about sophistication and stuff, let’s keep them short and sweet for once, hey?


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