Implementing Plan B – Let’s Be Nerdy!

Bonjour! I’m more optimistic about school than I’ve been recently. Not hugely so, but the most I’ve been so far. No crying OR almost-crying today, what an achievement…I figure it’s because I got cake in English. And because it’s the weekend which I’ve been really really looking forward to as simply release from school. Ahhh. Joy.

Anyway. Let’s talk about my school for a few moments then I might try dropping the topic almost completely – talking about your problems too much only makes them worse, because then you’ve spent so much longer thinking about them! A friend mentioned to me recently the popular (is it actually popular? I don’t know. I say it is.) saying (is it a saying? Or a method? I’m not sure.) “Do you have a problem? Yes -> Can you do something about it? Yes -> Do it. No -> Don’t worry about it. Be happy!”

Obviously it doesn’t always apply but it’s useful advice, don’t you think?

OK, school. I’ve been implementing a slightly different version of my original ‘be awesome and channel Amanda Palmer’ plan. This new one is called  the ‘be a nerd’ plan. Basically, I do all my work in class, and read and do homework at lunch, and that eliminates all this awkward hanging around with people I don’t know, and I can just slowly get to know them from class and I’m not quite sure, maybe this is going to bomb but at least this way I get my work done, right? It worked today, at least. Oh, I forgot the second part – doing my homework at school gives me more free time, and basically I use that to be awesome in. I still have friends, and I can talk to them online, and even visit them. In fact, this very minute I’m organising a meeting with my best friend from my 2012 school.

Look. I don’t want to be limited to knowing the people at my school and their interests and hobbies, and I don’t have to be – I have the internet, thank god! So, I’m not going to be. I’ll make an effort to be polite and nice and amusing enough at school, of course – but I’m not going to give up on any of my things either, because I shouldn’t have to. I’ll just be lonely, I guess, if I have to. But as my mother keeps reminding me, I have friends, I have lots of friends, they’re just not right here with me. But that’s OK.

I want to complain about why I don’t like my school but I think I’ll leave that to a day when I’m feeling more emotional about it already, I don’t want to get myself upset. YAY I AM USING GOOD JUDGEMENT FOR ONCE!


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