You like what you like and I’ll like what I like and if either of us insults the other’s choices I’ll set them on fire.

I often have to remind myself that others aren’t necessarily right, or that I’m allowed to disagree with them, and have my opinions. Not with randoms, but people I look up to and respect. For instance, I’m allowed to dislike a singer that one of my favourite Youtubers adores. Or to feel differently about some current event and the discussion it has lead to.

Or, to like something that my parents hate. This can be particularly difficult for me. I have to remember that just because my mother hates this movie, this fashion, this music, this artist, whatever – doesn’t make it bad. I need to stop being insulted by her disliking my favourite artists. I know she’s just ‘old-fashioned’ or well, she’s just 30 years older and she’s going to have different tastes. It’s foolish to expect her to like the same things as me. I don’t need her to, I don’t even want her to. I just wish she would stop dissing them all the time, because I take it personally, like I’m at fault for liking something awful and thinking it’s good. I know I shouldn’t, but I do anyway, and she doesn’t seem to get that, and just continually trivialises things and casually insults all my favourite things and I get annoyed.

Basically, I feel like I am too influenced by what others like. I’m good at liking different things to my friends, that doesn’t worry me too much, I can adore Amanda Palmer and not The Script and my friends feel the opposite and we just respect each other’s choices and that doesn’t make me feel guilty, but if it’s someone older and supposedly wiser than me, I do. That makes sense, I think.

I feel like I need to remind people that actually no it’s never ok to mock something that someone likes, unless you KNOW they don’t mind, and are absolutely certain of that. People like different things, and sure, I’m always going to feel superior for liking what I like, and they’ll feel superior for liking what they like, and maybe I’m right, maybe I’m not, but either way – can’t we just accept that we like different things and not insult them? Because I do have that tendency to take it personally and think there’s something wrong with me, and people shouldn’t be making me feel that way. I don’t approve. I wish I could be clearer when I’m trying to explain this.


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