The internet is everyone’s best friend – or, it should be, at least.

This shall be my first (or maybe it’s the second, do you count that first one? I think of it as a prologue, so let’s stick with that.) post about bullying, inspired by Amanda Palmer’s blog post.

It is to detail my confusion. Or my love of the internet. I don’t quite know yet.

People talk about cyberbullying being an issue, and yes it is, just like real life bullying. But because I’m not cyberbullied – in fact, most of my other-people interactions online are great – I’m left wondering what it is that other teens are doing online exactly.

The obvious answer is things like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I use those too, and I love them because I use Facebook as a messaging platform, often, and can have wonderful conversations with people – for instance, just this morning I had a serious conversation with a guy about this very topic – bullying and those thinking of suicide – and it was so much better than talking at school because it was private and easy.

But I don’t think enough teens are seeing the wonderful things on the internet like Amanda and her blog and supporters – or the Bloggess and her supporters – or any of the thousands of other people who are willing to do so much to help people they don’t even know. I think this should change. They should be seeing these things, knowing that this is out there. They shouldn’t be stuck on sites where they’re abused and bullied.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the internet is used as a tool for bullying, it’s true. BUT. The internet can be a tool of massive healing and help. There are so many people out there who want to help, and the internet lets us know that, and lets us talk to those people. That, in my opinion, is pure brilliance.

The internet gives us AFP’s blog and her fans’ comments. It gives us so many options. Good options. No one should have to be scared of the internet, because it can be our greatest tool in helping each other.

Choose the good things. Stay away from anything making you unhappy and head to something amazing instead. There’s lots of it out there.


One thought on “The internet is everyone’s best friend – or, it should be, at least.

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