AFP blogs and we all collapse in joy and tragedy. Just another day on the internet.

Amanda Palmer has written a beautiful post on internet hatred, and bullying in general, and you should most certainly go read that.

Make sure you read the comments.

It’s amazing and yet awful to hear all these stories. There’s so much love being offered towards everyone, so much love I feel as though my heart is growing with each comment I read.

Yet I want to cry, too.

Because there’s so much sadness in those comments.

Stories of how people were treated so terribly, in ways they never deserved.

Stories of awful people being cruel.

Stories of hate.

It seems as though for everyone who is bullied there is a massive support group willing to save them – but the victim never knows until later.

I don’t know. I’m so thrilled that so many people are so wonderful, but it breaks my heart to know how horrific some people can be to each other.

It also makes me feel so guilty, because I know I have no real mental issues and I’ve never had to put up with anything but the lightest of bullying from people. And yet I can complain with the best of them.

I just desperately want to help these people. To say, ‘Hey. I’ll be your friend. Let’s ignore the idiots together.’ I want to make a difference to people, I want to stop people from being so unhappy, I want to stop suicide, I want to stop letting the bullies win.

Because they do, and that sucks.

I think I’ll write a lot of posts on this topic, you know? Because I want to discuss a lot. Let me write that down now to refer back to.

And off I go to attempt to lay down my thoughts in a reasonable fashion.

Wish me luck.

(If I actually write them all, I’ll link them up later.)


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