Sharing is Caring – Presents for the Poor

I’ve just been wrapping up presents for the poor with my mother.

We basically collect lots of things that kids might like to be given, and when it comes around to Christmas, we wrap them up and donate them to a Wishing Tree, which distributes the gifts to children from needy families.

Some things were given to us by my aunt, some are prizes or gifts I’ve won or received but not really needed. And the rest of the stuff is things bought by my mother and me. You see, my mother loves shopping, and wrapping gifts. And because we have such a large extended family, we don’t exchange gifts with everyone like others might, and Mum only has two kids. We’re also boringly old, which means she can’t buy us adorable little pink tea sets anymore.  So she doesn’t mind going shopping for random kids she doesn’t even know – in fact, she enjoys it. She loves hunting for a bargain, and would rather spend her own money and get to enjoy the search for gifts, and be sure that she gets everything for a good price, than just hand a few notes over to a charity.

And we’ve been slowly gathering things for a while now, and finally decided to wrap them up as Mum was in a festive mood. I piled most of it on the table and took a few shots of it to try out Instagram for the first time, and my cat Zascha insisted on sitting on the table so she’s in the shots too. She did object somewhat when I tried to wrap her up too, though she soon went back to sleep on the shelf beside the table.

Gifts include makeup, cute bags, hobby horses, purses, wallets, candy, books, crafts, and toys – hopefully the kids who get them like what they get.


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