Don’t judge me based on how long I’ve been at your school because I move schools like I’m running from the law.

We had student body leader elections today. And that’s my year, because my school only goes up to Year 10, and so Year 9 will be 2013’s leaders. At my school we have two school captains, and two house captains for each house, of which there are three.

I couldn’t run for captain because I’m leaving next year, and there’s a whole other post to be written on that subject. But anyway.

We listened to 19 speeches from various classmates of mine, and they were all pretty similar, of course. For those of you who don’t know my name is, and I’m running for, and you should elect me because. Boring. Soooo boring.

What annoyed me, though, was the way so many of them included something along the lines of “I’ve been at this school for 10 years now, since Kindy.”


This is one of those things that annoys me because I’ve always had such a transient life, with a record of two years spent at the same school. And I finally have good friends here, but they are always better friends with people who they’ve known for six years instead of two because they’ve just known them longer and have had longer to get comfortable with them.

I found it so very insulting to think that people might base their choice in leaders on who had been at the school longer when that’s an element that is completely not under their control. I’ve been at this school for two years – because that’s when we moved to Cowra. Why should my parents’ choice to move to Cowra in 2011 rather than 2003 affect whether I become a leader? Shouldn’t it be my character and achievements that people take into account?

If I’d been running for it, I would have probably had a speech rather different to everyone else’s. It would have likely mentioned the way people should totally vote for me even though I’d only been here two years because that wouldn’t stop me from being a good leader.

IT’S JUST SUCH A STUPID IDEA. It really annoyed me. I was seriously considering the possibility of standing up and asking to be allowed to speak, and telling everyone my thoughts on the stupidity of voting for someone based on the amount  of time they’ve spent at the school. Fortunately I didn’t do so, but now I’m wondering if I would have been allowed to. I mean, no one’s ever tried it before – and teachers are always speaking despite not being on the schedule so it’s not like they don’t have time.

Hmmmm. I really want to do that now. To see what would happen.

But come on. I move schools like I’m worried someone will find and kill me – my friends joke that I’m running from the law. So why should I be given less of a chance than the girl in our class who is a not very academic, not even particularly sporty, immodest and impolite? It’s stupid. Very stupid.


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