I stay up late chatting on Facebook. And talk too much. I always talk too much.

Shivers. I talk too much. Even on Facebook.

I love Facebook because it means I can message people, yay. And by god do I use it a lot.

I constantly typerventilate to my friends. I like that word, it’s from Urban Dictionary. I also talk about whatever to others, those who used to be my closest friends and those who have never been my closest friends.

I mean, for one, I chatted for a solid SIX HOURS with one guy from my class. We discussed our preference in weapons, getting high on drugs from God’s stash, how his best friend is obviously plotting to kill our best clients (all three of us are assassins), the zombie virus infecting everyone, that annoying kid from our class, piano music, and Youtube videos. Yeah, I know, we’re real mature. But hey, we’re 15 and it’s fun.

Anyway. That was yesterday. From 6 til midnight, shh, don’t tell my parents. Because I am addicted to talking, talking, talking.

When I talk to my close friends over Facebook, I tend not to wait for them to answer. I just keep typing. So the conversation can be somewhat one-sided. It will be go something like:

Them: can’t stand it when girls are annoyingly girly to make guys notice them

Me: yeah i know hey

Me: but i hope you don’t think i do that

Me: i’m a hypocrite aren’t i

Me: srsly though is it annoying when i like, let people play with my hair

Me: i don’t want to be annoying you coz you’re awesome

Me: tell meeeee

Me: i’m all paranoid now

Me: i’m going to go sob some tears of paranoia

Me: did you know tears of paranoia are purple. weird.

Them: um. no i did not know that.

Them: and don’t worry about it you’re fine i’m talking about people like _____

I don’t think this is good. I often seem to be dominating the conversation but I can’t help it, I just want to throw my words out at people and they leave so much time for me to do so!

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