Who cares if Amanda Palmer shaves or not? She’s not asking you to shave off your eyebrows.

Hey little blog. Imma talk about Amanda Palmer like I said I would yesterday.

Amanda Palmer is awesome. In my opinion that is. She’s a singer (well, I prefer songstress) and currently touring with the Grand Theft Orchestra, because she made this amazing album with them called Theatre is Evil. Go buy it. She also used to be one half of Brechtian punk cabaret duo the Dresden Dolls and their music is pretty wonderful too.

Now, Amanda Palmer is somewhat unconventional. She’s bisexual, doesn’t shave her armpits but always shaves her eyebrows off, sings about self-harm and abortion and sex and swears, is willing to make out and get naked with people for music videos and stuff like that, doesn’t care what people think of her and all that stuff.

I don’t necessarily have to agree with all of her choices and statements to like her, do I?

Her music is terrific and that’s how I found her and that’s why I like her. Admittedly, I also love the way she is so unashamedly herself and has such a strong character. But I don’t see why people would dislike her music because she doesn’t shave her armpits. It’s just so very narrow-minded.

Like I said, I don’t necessarily share all her convictions (though I certainly do agree with some of them) but that doesn’t mean she’s a bad person or wrong about everything and certainly not that her music is bad.

I do understand that she can be a little awkward. It’s strange trying to introduce my friends to her music because I’m worried that they’ll get the wrong impression. Hey, at school, the teacher was going around the class (there were only 7 people that day) asking for their favourite song or artist and was playing that on Youtube on the big interactive whiteboard screen.

It got a little awkward when we got to me. “Amanda Palmer!” I said. Of course. Everything that first showed up was stuff that was inappropriate for school – ‘Do It With A Rockstar?’ Um. Maybe not. Music video for ‘Want It Back’? Uh…what’s next? ‘Oasis’? NONONO DON’T WATCH THAT. I don’t think my Catholic school is very pro a music video featuring someone getting raped and getting an abortion.

Ugh. Sorry. Once again I’m not very clear. Basically, I don’t see why you would hate Amanda Palmer just because you disagree with shaving your eyebrows off. She’s not asking you to do it. This isn’t even just about liking her music. It’s like, would you stop being friends with someone if they dyed their hair blue and you don’t approve of unnatural hair colours? I should hope not. If you do, I have to say, you’re not what I’d call a desirable friend.


2 thoughts on “Who cares if Amanda Palmer shaves or not? She’s not asking you to shave off your eyebrows.

  1. I’m a big fan of Amanda Palmer and just as I searched something about an interview I saw a statement about how disgusting her armpits are, and I was incredibly mad. I see that it’s a very long time since you wrote this but I just wanted to say that I completely. I’m very glad that the people who disagree exist.

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