I don’t care if Amanda Palmer is gay, bi, or straight. She still rocks and homophobia sucks.

Lemme just rant a litte bit, ok?

Quick question: when is it useful to write ‘mmmmkay’? It just seems insulting. Like you haven’t been paying attention to what the other person was saying. But it’s in text so you can just look up and read it and yet for some reason you can’t be bothered?

ANYWAY. I digress. Allow me to return to the topic at hand which I haven’t yet introduced but here it is.

Homophobia sucks, guys.

I’m not gay. Or bi. I don’t personally know anyone who is. I’m a teenager though, so I hear lots of things described as ‘gay’ and there are a fair few people at school who are routinely called gay because. Well I’m not even sure why. One of them is a perfectly nice (wellllll not nice as such but not rude and evil) kid who really doesn’t seem gay to me, unlike the boy who cares more about brand names and facecare products than us girls. That one I understand even if I don’t agree with the labeling of the sexual orientation of a freaking 14 year old kid.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about. Instead, it’s Amanda Palmer. I’ll post more about her later. But for now, just so you know, she’s a successful but not quite mainstream singer and she just so happens to be bi. At the moment I love her music.

I was talking to some friends and we were discussing her music videos – none of my friends had heard of her, you see. And I think they asked if she was weird and I was trying to explain that she is somewhat unconventional, yes, and I mentioned that in one music video she made out with a girl.

Instantly, one of the girls I was talking to said “So she’s lesbian! Urgh!” and I explained that actually no, she’s bi. And the response was “Bi! Urgh! You’re so weird Klementine, listening to her!”

I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that someone’s sexual orientation affected their ability to sing and be awesome. It annoyed me that simply because Amanda Palmer is, technically, gay, this girl was going to wave her aside as someone not to be listened to.

In the words of the singer herself: “I’m bisexual, but it’s not the sort of thing I spent a lot of time thinking about. I’ve slept with girls; I’ve slept with guys, so I guess that’s what they call it!”

I thought we were a modern nation here in Australia. Why does it still seem to matter whether someone likes guys or girls or both? It’s stupid and insulting and I’m sorry, but I would rather listen to gay, insane, inappropriate Amanda Palmer than like, Demi Lovato. Apparently she’s a singer. I hardly even knew that.

If Taylor Swift came out as being gay, would millions of girls all over the world still love her and idolize her? I should hope so. She’s not my favourite artist but there’s nothing wrong with her songs if you like that kind of thing. So why should her sexual orientation change the way people think of her? It’s not like they suddenly need to worry about Taylor Swift ‘liking’ them in that way, which is a valid worry I can understand if someone close to you comes out as gay. It might take a little while getting used to the idea that, in terms of affection, your previously same-gender friend has essentially swapped gender.

Hey. Imagine what that homophobic girl would have said if I mentioned that the girl Amanda Palmer makes out with in her music video just happens to be a porn star?


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