Crying totally helps you.

So, I had a bad afternoon. Then I got home and wanted to pour my worries out to my mother and it seemed like she’d never get home. Finally she did, and I was able to cry a little and explain what had happened and get some self-confidence and self-respect back and be a little stronger.

And wow does that make a difference.

Just telling her what had happened and having her reassure me that a) Yes, I wasn’t being petty, this was actual mean stuff and b) No, I wasn’t terrible and didn’t deserve it, made me feel so very much better.

I’m sure the physical act of crying helped too because science told me it does. But you know. Big whoop for my mother being amazing and willing to let me take up her time and unload my worries onto her when I know that she always suffers when she thinks her kids are suffering.

I know it’s horrible to do it if I know that it makes her feel worse, but it does help me and doesn’t that help me not suffer which stops her suffering? Yes? I hope so.

And I need the simple practical advice.

Though Mum and I have some inherent differences which means that her advice sometimes isn’t the most helpful, but then again sometimes it is very much so, and anyway it’s the thought that counts.

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