The Seven Golden Rules of Blogging: My thoughts on them.

I just read a post by Cristian Mihai, about how to blog well. And now my thoughts are all provoked and all that so I must spew them out onto the internet like an overfull vacuum cleaner spilling its contents, only instead of dust it’s thoughts and ideas.

Let’s go through those rules one by one and I will share how I think they apply to me. Yay!

1. Be passionate about the subject matter of your blog.

I have no subject matter. Unless it’s me. And I’m very passionate about me. But really, it’s more just whatever I feel like, thoughts and stories and opinions and whatever else. My favourite blogs are all that same thing, only funny. I don’t follow any fashion blogs or crafts blogs, I just follow blogs I find funny. It’s simple as that.

2. Blog often, but not too often.

I blog as much as I want, or maybe as much as I can be bothered would be more accurate. I have more time on weekends so I blog far more then, except sometimes I’m not home with a computer so I blog less. Though that will probably change now I have a laptop. *hugs laptop*

3. Engage your audience.

Well, this is simple. I have no audience so there’s nothing to engage so I don’t have to bother. Yay.

4. Use as many social media platforms as possible.

I’m not desperately trying to get readers for my blog, I’m not making money off it or anything. I don’t even want people to know I have a blog. So social media is mostly off, except for tumblr because no one knows I have one of those either.

5. Content is king.

My content is the top layer of my mind. I don’t care whether people are interested in it or not, I’m not doing it for them; I’m selfish.

6. Don’t be afraid to share the stage.

I’m not. I just have no one to share it with. I’d love to interview real bloggers and other people (eg Tomska) but I can’t, so I don’t. Easy.

7. Use an appropriate visual layout.

Does this annoy you? Cool. I do want a different one, with a wider text area, but I can’t be bothered trawling through all the free themes and I’m not savvy enough with html to make my own. No one’s complained so far so I’m sticking with it, I do like it except for the width of the text area.




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