Crazy violent luck.

Hello again.

This time I’m going to try and actually explain a few things. It may or may not have the desired effect.

I’m 14 years old and a student, because, well, I’m only 14. I’m really lucky, though, in that I have already lived in three different countries. A few weeks before I turned 8, my family, which consists of my two teacher parents and my brother Pete who is 16 months and 3 days older than me, moved to Portugal. We lived there for 2 years, teaching and going to school at the same international school, so I don’t speak Portuguese. Then, I got to live in Germany from when I was 10 and a half to 12 and a half. My mother’s family is German (well, not technically but I can’t be bothered explaining it right now) and I loved it there, especially as I was already familiar with it due to holidays there previously. I now speak a little bit of broken German with terrible grammar. Yay!

Now I’m back in Australia where my less-than-common upbringing marks me as a little strange, and the fact that I read books and don’t play any sports (seriously, I’d never played ‘footy’ before I was 13 and somehow people expect me to know the rules?) really didn’t help.

But I don’t mind, because I’ve always been called weird, and I kind of love it. I tend to argue with my teachers and use fancy sounding words when arguing with my peers because they don’t know what I mean. I hit people far too easily and tend to be a very annoying and violent  kind of friend as I physically push people away from me and hit them when they get too annoying, or sometimes in friendly way. If you touch me from behind and I’m not expecting it, I may very well slap you.

I get away with it because I am, for the most part, a good student, getting good grades and not talking back to the teachers.

I want my blog to make people laugh, and the two blogs I am most inspired by are The Bloggess and Hyperbole and a Half – I love those guys so much it’s scary. But I guess what I should be posting is not boring stuff about myself but stuff about my days and experiences. So, next post I will try just that – this one is just to actually give anyone reading a post some knowledge about where I’m coming from.

So I guess, basically, I need some highly impressionable teenage girls to become massive fans of me. Anyone got any spare?

I need to get better at coming up with titles.


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