Let’s See Where This Goes

Look, to be perfectly honest, this blog has no real theme. And as such I don’t know what to post, but I figured that I would just slowly describe myself and see if I go off on a more interesting tangent from there. It’s very likely that I’ll go off-topic, you see, but whether it’s interesting or not is very much another thing.

So! Where to begin. My life/history and what I like or dislike, I guess.

Well, I started this blog because I spend so much time on the Internet, as I said before. You see, I don’t play any sports, or even video games like Minecraft or WoW. I learn violin, slowly – I only started this year, and I have a half hour lesson once a week. So it’s not like my time is sucked into my passion for music. And homework? Well, I do what I have to do at home, with the exception of Maths which I just quietly hope goes unnoticed (it usually does, thankfully) but usually I try and finish everything in class.

Which reminds me, I should probably tell you, I’m at high school, or middle school if you happen to be American. I go to the Catholic K to 10 school in a town near my own. I like school well enough, usually, because I’m pretty academic and because it’s the only time I see any of my friends. Of course, I hate the homework they give us, and certain teachers, and certain classmates, and when we have to wear long sleeves when it’s really hot because of our uniforms, but usually I can handle it. Now, I only moved to this school, and the area, at the beginning of 2011, and as it is a small country town this means I am still regarded as new by some people, and as weird by pretty much everyone who actually knows me a bit. My unforgivably weird behaviour includes such horrific things as: wearing my hair in a plait (we have to have it tied back in some way), reading books on the bus, not knowing what an akubra is and wondering why we study the exact same thing in Religious Education two years in a row, with the same teacher.

As I have been labeled ‘weird’ or ‘crazy’ in the last 3 schools I have been to, however, this doesn’t worry me too much, especially when, the way I see it, almost every other person I know who is labeled as weird is also nice and/or amusing.

So yeah, maybe I’ll become amusing later on. Hopefully. I’m really really hoping hard but so far it hasn’t worked at all. Maybe more sugar will help? Possibly amusing anecdotes to share with all those nonexistent people reading my second post on a ridiculous blog. Yes. OK then, I’ll work on that.


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